Friday 13 October 2017

CSS 2016 Precis Passage Solved

CSS 2016 Precis Passage Solved
Make a precis of the following text and suggest a suitable title (CSS - 2016)
During my vacation last May, I had a hard time choosing a tour. Flights to Japan, Hong Kong and Australia are just too common. What I wanted was somewhere exciting and exotic, a place where I could be spared from the holiday tour crowds. I was so happy when Joan called up, suggesting a trip to Cherokee, a county in the state of Oklahoma. I agreed and went off with the preparation immediately.
We took a flight to Cherokee and visited a town called Qualia Boundary Surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery, the town painted a paradise before us. With its Oconaluftee Indian Village reproducing tribal crafts and lifestyles of the 18th century and the outdoor historical pageant Unto These Hills playing six times weekly in the summer nights, Qualla Boundary tries to present a brief image of the Cherokee past to the tourists.
Despite the language barrier, we managed to find our way to the souvenir shops with the help ofthe natives. The shops are filled with rubber tomahawks and colorful traditional war bonnets, made of dyed turkey feathers. Tepees, cone-shaped tents made from animal skin, are also pitched near the shops. "Welcome! Want to get anything?" We looked up and saw a middle-aged man smiling at us. We were very surprised by his fluent English. He introduced himself as George and we ended up chatting till lunch time when he invited us for lunch at a nearby coffee shop.
"Sometimes, I've to work from morning to sunset during the tour season. Anyway, this is still better off than being a woodcutter ... " Remembrance weighed heavy on George's mind and he went on to tell us that he used to cut firewood for a living but could hardly make ends meet. We learnt from him that the Cherokees do not depend solely on trade for survival. During the tour off-peak period, the tribe would have to try out other means for. income. One of the successful ways is the "Bingo Weekend". On the Friday afternoons of the Bingo weekends, a large bingo hall will be opened, attracting huge crowds of people to the various kinds of games like the Super Jackpot and the Warrior Game Special. According to George, these forms of entertainment fetch them great returns.
Our final stop in QuaIla Boimdary was at the museum where arts, ranging from the simple handwoven oak baskets to wood and stone carvings of wolves, ravens and other symbols of Cherokee cosmology are displayed.
Back at home, I really missed the place and I would of course look forward to the next trip to another exotic.


Title: Cherokee: A Case Study of Tourism
We visited Qualla Boundary, a town in Cherokee. The mountain scenery surrounding the town was a breathtaking sight. The traditional lifestyle of the Indians, the tribal crafts they made and the historical pageant played six times a week, presented to tourists a rough image of Cherokee in the 18th century. We also visited the souvenir shops which sold rubber tomahawks and warbonnets. There we befriended a local, George, who told us that besides trade, the "BingoWeekend," where the tourists can enjoy various kinds of games in a large hall, is another source of income for t hem during off-tour seasons. Finally, we visited the town's museum where different kinds of arts, like hand-woven baskets and carved figurines are displayed.

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