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10th Physics Chapter 8 Notes

10th Physics Chapter 8 Notes
Here are the 10th Physics Chapter 8 Notes pdf download online. Notes of unit 19 Electronics of class 10.

Q.1: Define information technology.
 Ans. Information Technology:
 The scientific method of storing, arranging information for proper use and to communicate them to others is called the information technology (IT).
 Q.2: Define telecommunication.
 Ans. Telecommunication:
 The method that is used to communicate information to far off places instantly is called telecommunication.
 Q.3: What is internet?
 Ans. Internet:
 Internet is a system with which we can know the global conditions within no time. It is in fact an interconnection of millions of computers
 Q.4: What do you mean by protocol. What are its functions?
 Ans. A computers linked with internet use uniform communication process and same code In internet terminology it is called protocol whose name is TCP/IP i.e. transmission control protocol/ internet protocol. It controls the transmission and transmits a small portion of the information at a time
 Q.5: Define word processing.
 Ans. Word Processing
 To type something by computer's keyboard, to correct. to arrange, to amend the document, to add and delete the written portion when required is called the word processing
Q.6: Define graphic designing.
 Ans. The process to draw a required line or pictures on a computer screen using mouse or key board is called graphic designing.
Q.7: What is computer aided design (CAD)?
 Ans. Designs of the buildings or components can also be drawn with the help of computers This process is named as computer aided designing (CAD). Three dimensional (3D) coloured pictures can be drawn by this process.
 Q.8: Define data managing.
 Ans. Data Managing:
 To collect all informations regarding a subject for any purpose and to store them in the computer in more than one inter-linked files which may help when needed is called data managing
Q.9: Write the uses of fax machine.
 Ans. Fax Machine:
 Documents of considerable importance are sent from one place to other through fax machine with telephone line. Fax machine first gets the reflection of the document like Photostat machine, changes it into electronic signal and then transmits it via telephone line. The message when reaches the receiving fax machine, it produces the signals in an image print on a paper again.
 Q.10: What is a computer?
 Ans. Computer:
 Computer is an electronic machine. which alter analyzing and arranging the given information presents it in a very short time. All work is done by the computer in the light of those instructions, which are called a programme and is saved in its memory
Q.11. What is the main difference between telephone and cellular phone?
 Ans. Telephone changes sound into electrical signal and sends to receiver while mobile phone works on electromagnetic waves.
 Q.12. Why cable TV is preferred?
 Ans. Cable TV is preferred to obtained high quality picture and sound
Q.13. In internet terminology, what is meant by protocol?
 Ans. All computers linked with Internet use uniform process and same code. In the Internet technology it is called "protocol" whose name is TCP/IP.
 Q.14. Why compact disc and hard disc are housed in a jacket?
 Ans. The compact disc and hard disc are housed in a jacket to avoid exterior pollution. If this is not done then they can be damaged.
 Q.15 What are the primary colours used in T.V?
 Ans: There are three tubes or electron guns in a colour television set. One of them makes red second makes green and the third makes blue picture. These are three colours of light. All other colours are obtained by complete picture is formed
 Q.16 What are super computer?
 Ans The most powerful and swift computer which can send an information in one thousand billionth part of a second is called super computer, it contains many processors.
 Q.17 How the floppy disc damage?
 Ans: It is essential to save floppy disc from heat, magnet and water otherwise the stored data on it can be damaged.
 Q.18 What is the electronic bank?
 Ans Now a days home baking is operated on telephone you can find your bank on the telephone. You can pay all the kinds of bills and transfer your funds by pressing a key of your personal identification number. You can draw the money at any time you want with the help of ATM machine.

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