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10th Physics Chaper 6 Notes pdf

10th Physics Chaper 6 Notes pdf
Here we have shared the physics class 10 unit 17 Electromagnetism notes. Check and pdf download online 10th Physics Chaper 6 Notes pdf.

Q.1: What do you understand by magnetic flux?
 The number of magnetic lines of force passing through any surface is known as magnetic flux.
 Q.2: On what factors the magnitude of induced e.m.f depends?
 Ans. The magnitude of induced e.m.f. depends upon the relative speed of magnet and the coil.
 Higher the speed, larger the induced e.m.f. It also depends upon the following factors: 1- Strength of the field.
 2. Number of turns in the coil.
 Q.3: What is an A.C. generator? Write its principle.
 Ans. A.C. generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy i.f. it produces alternating voltage. The principle on which it works is electromagnetic induction. i.e. when a coil rotates in a magnetic field the flux passing through it continuously changes. This change of magnetic flux produces an induced e.m.f.
Q.4: What Is mutual Induction?
Ans. If a current is induced in a circuit due to change of current in another circuit. This phenomenon is known as mutual induction.
 Q.5: What is a transformer? On which principle it works?
 Ans. A transformer, is an electrical device which is used to increase or decrease the value of alternating voltage. It cannot increase or decrease D.C. voltage. It works on the principle of mutual induction.
 Q.6: What are two types of transformer and how they are made?
 Ans. The two types of transformer are step up transformer and step down transformer. If number of turns in the secondary coil is more than the number of turns in the primary coil.
 then it is step-up transformer. Conversely if number of turns primary are more than the number of turns in the secondary then it is step down transformer.
Q.7: What is meant by primary and secondary coils?
 Ans. The coil in which the change in current produces induced current in another coil is known as primary coil and the coil in which current is induced is called secondary coil
Q.8: What is the function of split rings in D.C. motor?
 Ans. Split rings connect the coil to the battery through carbon brushes. When coil rotates in between the pole pieces of a magnet, split rings keep the current in the coil in the same direction and hence coil rotates in the same direction.
Q.9: What is a D.C. motor? On which principle it works?
 Ans. D.C. Motor is a device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It works on the principle that when current passes through a coil placed in magnetic field, it experiences a force due to which coil rotates in the field
 Q.10: State Fleming's left hand rule.
 Ans. The direction of force on a current carrying conductor is given by Fleming's Left Hand Rule, it states as "stretch the thumb, fore finger and the middle finger of the left hand mutually at right angles to each other. If the fore finger points in the direction of the magnetic field, the middle finger in the direction of current, then thumb will indicate the direction of force on the conductor.
 Q.11: State the rule to find north and south poles of a current carrying solenoid.
 Ans. Hold the solenoid in your right hand by curling the fingers in the direction of current.
 The stretched thumb will indicate the north pole OR
 Hold down the end of current carrying solenoid in front of you, if the direction of flow of current to this end is anti-clockwise, it will be the north pole, otherwise it would be a south pole.
Q.12: State right hand rule to find direction of magnetic field in a current, carrying straight wire.
 Ans. It states hold the current carrying straight conductor in right hand in such a way that thumb shows the direction of current then curling of right hand fingers will give the direction of magnetic field, which will be in the form of concentric circles.
 Q.13: What is a solenoid. And what type of magnetic field it possesses?
 Ans. A solenoid is a closely wound cylindrical coil of insulated wire. The magnetic field pattern of solenoid is just like the magnetic field resembling to the bar magnet.
 Q.14. What do the cross and dot mean in current carrying coil?
 Ans. The cross (x) means the current is flowing into the plane of paper whereas dot(.) means current is flowing out of the plane of paper.
 Q.15. When is the force on a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field maximum and when it is minimum?
 Ans. When a current carrying conductor makes an angle of 90 with the magnetic field i.e when it is perpendicular to the field, the force will be maximum If the conductor is placed along or parallel to the magnetic field, no force acts on the conductor

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