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10th Class Physics Chapter 4 Notes

10th Class Physics Chapter 4
Here are the 10th Class Physics Chapter 4 Notes pdf ebook download online. Below are the notes of physics class 10 unit 15 Electrostatics.

Q.1: How positive charge is acquired?
 Ans. When a body looses electrons, then it acquires positive charge.
 Q.2: How negative charge is acquired?
 Ans. When a body accepts electrons, then, it acquires negative charge.
 Q.3: What is electroscope?
 Ans. It is an instrument which is used to detect the presence and nature of charge on a body.
 Q.5: What is the process of ionization?
 Ans. When a body acquires charge, then, it is called charged body and its atom becomes ionize which may be positive or negative.
 Q.6: What is coulomb's law? Also write its mathematical form.
 Ans. The force of attraction or repulsion between two charges is directly proportional to the product of charges and is inversely proportional to the square of distance between them F Kg2
 Q.7: What is meant by electric field?
 Ans. The region around the charge at which effect of another charge can be felt is called electric field.
 Q.8: Define electric intensity.
 Ans The strength of field at any point is called electric intensity or the force per unit charge is called electric intensity. Its unit is N/C.
 Q.9: What are electric lines of force and what do they tell us?
 Ans The direction of electric intensity in an electric field can be indicated by drawing tangents. These lines are called electric lines of forces. These lines of force tell us about the direction of electric intensity and strength of field.
Q.10: What is meant by electric potential?
 Ans. The potential at any point in the field is defined as, the potential energy of unit positive charge in bringing the charge from infinity to that point in an electric field.
 Q.11: Define volt.
 Ans. If potential energy of one coulomb positive charge placed at a point is one joule, then, its potential is said to be 1 volt.
 Q.12: Why the tyres of aeroplane are made of conducing rubber?
 Ans. During flight of aeroplane its body is charged. Its tyres are made of conducting rubber so that during landing, its charge can easily transfer to earth
 Q.13: Define electrostatic Induction.
 Ans. In the presence of charge body if one end of charged body has like charges at one end and unlike charges at the other end of an insulated conductor
Q.14. Write the application of electrostatic induction.
 Ans. The phenomenon is used to separate the smoke and other particles coming out of the chimneys of factories and also used in applying paint on the surfaces.
 Q.15. What is capacitor?
 Ans. It is a device used to store charge is called capacitor.
 0.16. Explain the structure of a simple capacitors.
 Ans. It consists of two metal plates, which are parallel, and an insulating sheet is placed between them, which is called dielectric.
 Q.17. Write the types of capacitor and define the unit of capacitance.
 Ans. There are two types (i) variable capacitors (ii) fixed capacitors. The unit of capacitance is farad. The capacitance of a capacitor is one farad, if one coulomb charge stored under the potential difference of 1 volt.
 Q.18. What is parallel combination of capacitor? Write its advantages
Ans. In this combination capacitors are joined in such way that all the left plates of capacitor are connected at one point and all the right plate at other point is called parallel combination. In this case capacitance of the capacitor will increase.
 Q.19. What is series combination? Write its advantage.
 Ans. When capacitors are joined together in such a way the left plate of one capacitor is connected with the right plate of other capacitor, then, in this case capacitance will decrease.
Q.20. Why fixed capacitors are called fixed?
 Ans. Because their capacitance cannot be changed, since these plates are immoveable, they are called fixed capacitors.
 Q.21. What are variable capacitors. Where they are used?
 Ans. The capacitance of a capacitor can be changed because its plates are moveable. So these capacitors are called variable capacitor. The variable capacitors are used for tuning in radio sets.

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