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10th Biology Chapter 6 Inheritance Notes

10th Biology Chapter 6 Inheritance Notes
10th Biology Chapter 6 Inheritance Notes

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Q. No. 1 Define genetics.
 The branch of biology which deals with the study of inheritance is called genetics 
Q. No. 2 What do you mean by inheritance?
 Inheritance means the transmission of characteristics from parents to offspring.
 Q. No. 3 What are traits?
 The characteristics which are transferred from parents to offsprings are called traits.
 In man following are all inheritable traits: Height
 Colour of the eyes
 Q. No.4 How do parents inherit characteristics INHERITANCE OF CHARACTERISTICS
 Parents pass characteristics to their young through gene transmission. Equal numbers of chromosomes from each parent are combined during fertilization. The chromosomes carry the units of inheritance called the genes)
 Q. No. 5 What are genes?
 The genes are called units of inheritance that transmit traits from parents to offsprings.
 Q. No. 6 Does the dominant allele affect the nature of recessive allele?
EFFECT ON RECESSIVE ALLELE The dominant allele only suppresses the expression of recessive allele. It does not affect its nature.
 Q. No. 7 How many pea plants were used by Mendel in his experiments?
 Mendel used 28,000 pea plants in his experiments.
 Q. No. 8 What does the term true breeding mean?
 The term true breeding mean homozygous
 Q. No. 9 How do variations caused by combinations of chromosomes?
 VARIATIONS BY COMBINATIONS OF CHROMOSOMES Variations are caused by different combinations of chromosomes in gametes and then in zygote
 In the case of humans, the possible number of chromosomal combinations at fertilization is 70.368.744,177,664. In other words, a couple can produce more than 70 trillion genetically different children.

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