Tuesday 16 July 2019

1st year Maths Keybook pdf Download

Maths Keybook pdf Download
Here we have shared the 11th class or 1st year Maths Keybook pdf Download or you can also read online.

"If you have knowledge, let the others candle at it"
This book is specially designed by keeping in mind the demand of securing top class marks as well as the difficulties of an average student in understanding of Text Book. A significant features of this book is

  1.  All important definitions
  2.  Formulas in the beginning of every exercise.
  3.  Complete and comprehensive notes of every chapter.
  4.  Easy approach towards every solution
  5.  The questions are supported with comprehensive diagrams
  6.  Each and every important question is highlighted

This book is a complete replacement of text book, students need not bother about text book when they have it.
Each chapter is provided with the important questions at its end. This book is tremendous equalizer with its main focus to save students from any kind of perplexity and preparing them for the examinations of all the boards of punjab and Federal. Underlying all the aspects, this book will prove to be a great asset, not just for students but for all knowledge seekers
A special care has been made to avoid mistakes of every kind; therefore this note book has been read repeatedly so that before printing, all sorts of mistakes or shortcomings can be overcome. In this regard, I am highly indebted to Prof. Rafique Bloach, Prof. Nadeem Iqbal, Prof. Nasir Mushtaq, Prof. Javeed Kahoot, Prof. Farooq Khan, Prof. M. Farooq, Prof. Babar Zaheer, Prof Sadaf Batool, Prof. Hina Sikander for exhaustive proof reading and giving their very valuable directions to keep the book according to the level of the students.It is hoped that this book will serve the purpose well for which it has been compiled. I am a staunch believer of the fact that the students will certainly find a great boosting difference by comparing it with the other books.

To the Professors 

This book will also be beneficial to our worthy teachers as this will make a speedy and quick overview to the lecture
 Moreover this will be helpful in pointing out and highlighting all the important definitions and questions
 The questions at the end of the chapter are of MCQs, short and long questions type. Studying the Concepts reviews the content of the chapter and requires that students write out their answers. "Testing your skills of the questions All the convincing comments and patronizingly forwarded Suggestions will be thankfully entertained for making this Book more effective.

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