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50+ Important Proverbs and Sayings English - BA,MA and CSS exams

50+ Important Proverbs and Sayings English - BA,MA and CSS exams
Looking for the most important proverbs in english and sayings? Here is 50+ Important Proverbs and Sayings English - BA,MA and CSS exams.
Some proverbs and sayings
1 A false friend is worse than a open enemy 2.Bad news travel fast
3.cheats never prosper
4.Envy is the admission of inferiority
5.God could not be every where therefore he made mothers,
6. Hear twice before u speak once.
7.All that glitters is not gold
8.Rolling stone gathers no mass.
9.A friend in need is a friend indeed
1 o.rime and Tide wait for none
11 A stitch in time saves Nine
1 2.Look before you leap
1 3.Greed brings grief
l4Unity is strength
1 5.United we stand divided we fall
1 6.Empty vessels make loud noise
17.Honesty is the best policy
1 8.A bird in hand worth two in bush
1 9.Slow and steady wins the race
20.Haste is waste
21 Health is wealth
22.barking dogs seldom bite apple a day keeps the doctor away
24.dont count your chicks before they hatch is worship idle man’s brain is devil’s workshop.
27..early bird catches its prey
28.early to bed aid early to raise makes a man healthy ,wealthy and wise.
29.early raisers settle early in their lives.
30.Look your aim high
31 .Dare to dream,care to achieve
32.Arise Awake stop not till you reach your goal.
33.Helping hands are more precious than praying lips
34better to be alone than to be in a bad company.
35if you love somebody show it
36.Pen is the tongue of mind
37.Pen is mightier than a sword
38.Love your neighbor as you love thyself
39.Respect your elders
40.when your nails grow you cut your nails not fingers. So when
misunderstanding grows, cut your ego not relationship.
41 .Everything is fair in love and war
42.Man is born free but everywhere in chains
43.war is to man what maternity for woman.
44.old is gold
45.Avoid bad company
46.don't cry over the split milk
47. pride goes before fall
48.Do your duty and die
49.make the hay when the sun is bright.
50Action speaks louder than words.

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