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1st Year Physics Solved Numericals All Chapters - 11th Class

1st Year Physics Solved Numericals All Chapters
If you are looking for the solved numericals of 1st year Physics all chapters? Here are the 1st Year/11th Class Physics Solved Numericals All Chapters. Below are the links of numericals of every chapter. All numericals are hand written in short form just to provide you the basic method to solve the numericals.

1st Year Physics Solved Numerical Problems All Chapters
Chapter No. Chapter Name. View/Download Links
1 Measurement View/Download here
2 Vectors and Equilibrium View/Download here
3 Motion and Force View/Download here
4 Work and Energy View/Download here
5 Circular Motion View/Download here
6 Fluid Dynamics View/Download here
7 Oscillations View/Download here
8 Waves View/Download here
9 Physical Optics View/Download here
10 Optical Instruments View/Download here
11 Heat & Thermodynamic View/Download here

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  1. plz mujhy 2018 ki fsc 1 year ki pairing scheme btain

  2. Dear maher please tell that which are numerical chapters in grw board final paper

  3. first year k pehly ch sy long aye ga? anyone tell

    1. yes long aye ga Q5[a];chapter no 1 /[b]chapter no 11

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  5. sirf formulae likhe mn bhi kere dale hoe hn

  6. yaar please tell how to attempt physics paper

  7. what are important long questions in physics that we should prepare for first year