Monday 13 March 2017

Matric 10th Urdu Guess Paper 2017

Matric 10th Urdu Guess Paper 2017

Looking for the matric class 10 urdu Guess Paper? Here is the Matric 10th Urdu Guess Paper 2017

Guess 10th Urdu Khulasa (Asbaaq) Merza saeed, iiPrestan ki shahzadi, 

iii Mulama, 

iv chughal khor, 

v.Nam deo mali, 

iv. Astanbol 

1.Chap.for kholasa:5,8,9,11, 

2.Tefheemi ebaret:1,3,6,7,8,9,14,15. 3.Chapters for question:4,5,6,9,10,12,17, Nazam 

Markzi khyal 

i.mediane krbla, 

ii Fatma bent Abdullah, 



Museebt bhi rahat, 

ii. Ye fakhar to hasil hai, 

iii admi admi say. 

Nzum for Tashree:1 6,17,19,20 Ghazal for tashreezno.21 .24. 

mehnat ki barkten, pabandi waqat, sacience k krishmae,

Eiden, hobulwatni,

elam k faeday,

talab elam k fraez,

maan baap k saath slook, Gramer:phaly 9 pages.

Araab lganazpage 36 to 39 gramer pages no. 10.

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