Thursday 30 March 2017

MA English Prose Important Questions Notes

MA English Prose Important Questions Notes 
Here are the MA English Prose Important Questions Notes.
Frances Bacon’s Bacon Essays
Bacon as an essayist/ his style and contribution
Bacon as a moralist
Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travelers
Swift as a satirist
Swift as a misanthrope
Describe the first and the last voyage G-Travels.
Popularity of Gulliver’s Travels
Seamus Heaney’s Readers of Poetry
Seamus Heaney’s justification, functions and redressing effects of
Edward Said’s Culture and Imperialism
What is culture and what is imperialism and how does Edward Said relate the two?
Why does Edward Said refer to various novelists to prove his thesis of imperialism?
Bertrand Russell as an essayist.

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