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B.Com Management Important Questions Notes

B.Com Management Important Questions Notes
Here are the B.Com Management Important Questions Notes.
1. What do you understand by “Management”?
2. Discuss the 14 principles of Henry Fayol.
3. Explain briefly the universal functions of a Management?
4. “Coordination is essence of manager ship” Discuss OR Management is getting things done through people?
5.Discuss various stages of American capitalism.
6. Define decision making?
7. Explain the guidelines of decision making.
8. Discuss various steps involved in problem Analysis
9. Distinguish between Delphi and Nominal techniques?
10. Discuss Japanese & Rational Decision making
11. Define planning and what are the steps involved in planning?
12. What is the difference between procedure, Rules and policies?
13. Define M.B.O Briefly discuss the various activities performed in it.
14. Define controlling State the basics steps involved in control.
15. Explain the characteristics of a good controlling system?
16.“Planning is looking ahead and controlling is looking behind” Discuss
17. Briefly discuss various types of control.
18. Define budget what are its various types.
19. Define” Departmentation” What are the important basis of it.
20. Name the various steps involved in staffing process.
21. Discuss in detail various types of orientation and training methods.
22. Explain line & staff authority.
23. Define leadership, Discuss different theories of leadership.
24. What is motivation? Discuss the following theories
a. Maslow theory of humanistic approach
b. Theory X and Y
c. Two factor theory
25. Explain the communication process. And Describe the medias to carry the message.
26. Identify the barriers of communication
27. Describe different philosophies of communication
28. Define groups? What are the various types of groups.
29. How group members rank. And what factors lead the information of groups?
30. How do groups grow?
31. What is meant by organization? Discuss basic elements of organisation.
Short notes:
1.Human balance sheet
2.Inventory Chart
3. Muslim Ethics
4. Span of control/Managment
5. Performance appraisal
6. Maslow’s self actualization person
7. Hawthron Effect
8. Types of budget

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