Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Matric 10th Englsih Guess Paper 2017 All Punjab Boards

Matric 10th Englsih Guess Paper 2017 All Punjab Boards

Matric 10th English Guess Paper 2017

Looking for the matric 10th class English guess paper of 2017 of all Punjab boards? If yes then you are at right page because here we have shared 10th class Englsih Guess Paper 2017 All Punjab Boards.
10th Englsih Guess Paper 2017 
10th Englsih Guess Paper 2017 


5 6,7,8,1 0,12,1 5,1 6 17,20,22,25 Try Again&Peace

Questions and Answers

Ch#1 )Q2,3,6.
Ch#2)Q1 ,4,5.
Ch#6)Q1 ,4,7
Ch#10)Q1 ,4,5.Page#127 Q4,5’


(from punjab textbook Page#Ex)1 71,172,173.

PAIR of words

No.# 2,7,9,13,15,17,20, 26,31,34,37,38,40,
44,46,50,51,53,54, 56,67,70,74,76


My Neighbour
A Fortune Teller
Pakistani woman
Allama Iqbal
My hobby
My last day at school
An accident
The teacher I like best
A river in flood
True Muslim


Ch#1 paragraph 7,4
Ch#2 paragraph 4,5
Ch#6 paragraph 2,6
Ch#9 paragraph 4,2

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