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Drug Addiction in Pakistan English Essay - BA/MA English Essays

Drug Addiction in Pakistan English Essay - BA/MA English Essays

Drug Addiction in Pakistan English Essay

Drug addiction includes the use of heroine, charas, bháng, paust and other medicinal drugs. The use of drugs is liked because these are anxiety reducing agents. Their sedative hypnotic action plays a vital role in the relief of symptoms of anxiety, suffering, restlessness and sleeplessness. Frequent use might paralyze the power and deprive the man of self-confidence, and blur the senses. With total or partial distortion of the functions of consciousness, the addict becomes inhabitant of the world of fantasy, illusion and dream. The possession and use of drugs in Pakistan is illegal. It is believed that smoking of charas leads to mental disorder and deterioration of physical health. Lacs of addicts are in our society which is a serious problem.

The drug addicts admitted to the Government Mental Hospital, Lahore, with committing of crime were 18% in 1975, 26% in 1976 and 37% in 1977. It means drug addiction creates criminal tendency in the addicts. According to data available (in drug addiction and rehabilitation of addicts in Pakistan 1979), 66.22% of drug dependent criminals belonged to the age group of 20-29 years. The age group 15—19 years constituted 18.92% of the sample. The author (Ejaz Haider) found his hypothesis valid, that lower then socio-economic status of the drug dependent, higher are the chances of his association with criminal behavior: 16.22% of criminal drug addicts belonged to upper class and 51 .35% to lower class. From this statistical analysis, it is clear that narcotic drugs create a number of physical (mental and physical deterioration) and social (criminal and abnormal behavior) problems in Pakistan. The drug addicts may be treated as social patients and rehabilitated in society as its normal members. They must be given due status in society in various social situations so that they may be absorbed in society.


1. A person finding little role in his daily life, easily falls in drug addiction. It means abuse of leisure can make one drug addict.
2. A person in the company of addicts gets into this bad habit.
3. Failure in aims of life also drags one towards drug addiction.
4. Religious beliefs and practices keep one tightly organized in the activities of social life. He remains busy in the activities of social life and little chance remains for drug addiction. Losing importance of religious beliefs and practices may lead to drug addiction.
5. Mental depression is another major factor in the causation of drug addiction. Socio-cultural factors developing in the modern and semi-modern Societies have presented heavy set-back to people while they fail to attain their objectives in life, In this condition, some commit suicide, some lose their temperament and become criminal, some became neurotic, insane and some fall to drug addiction. Very few are those who stand in face of these failures of. life. These are the people who have developed strong religious courage and strong forces of knowledge in their strong brains. These people are normal persons of society.

The solution of the problem lies in the fact that one should not build so many high ideals which have no foundation and no logic. Such aims and ideologies are baseless and are bound to dash down leading to mental depression and frustration. To save himself from such mental depression, one seeks refuge in taking abusive drugs which is clear devastation of one’s life.

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