Monday 30 January 2017

Myself English Essay for 5th and 8th Class

Myself English Essay for 5th and 8th Class
Looking for English essays for 5th class students and 8th Class Students in Easy Wording? Here is the Myself English Essay for 5th and 8th Class.

MYSELF English Essay:

My name is I am __ years old. I study in class eight. The school where I study is a reputed school of
our city. I have __ sisters and __ brothers. I am elder than __ of my siblings. My father name is __ He is a well-known businessman of our country. My parents are very loving, caring and God-fearing. I offer prayers five times a day. I am apple of the eyes of my parents. I have two friends. They are my coevals. I love to play with them as they live in my neighborhood. I like to play video-game. I love to eat pizzas and chocolates. I would like to become an army officer when I grow up. I also like to read horror and suspense stories. I am also an industrious student. I always get 1 position in the class. I never fight with my juniors. I always look up to my elders and teachers. I always display good manners. All my teachers like me. I have a good ear to music. My favorite color is green. My favorite story book is Harry Potter. I like riding a bicycle and hiking. It is the brief description
of my personality.

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