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Good Governance in Pakistan English Essay

Good Governance in Pakistan English Essay
Looking for the Good Governance in Pakistan English Essay? Here is the Good Governance in Pakistan English Essay outlines



1. Since its inception good governance is seriously

A) the need for good governance is as old as the
country itself
B) it is the good governance, which can ensure
integrity and development of any country
2. Good governance can be ensure through active
and sincere participation of the govt.

a). Accountability in system
b). Transparency in system
c). Dispensation of Justice
d). Maintenance of Law and Order
e). Disaster Mgt Plan
f). Visionary Policies
g). Best possible use of natural and human resources
h). Ensure fundamental necessities of life
i). Ensure human rights
j). Elimination of bureaucratic hurdles
k). Balance of power and independent institutions


1. Bad Governance in Pakistan
2. Causes:
a). Lack of constitutionalism
b). Absence of Judiciary
c). Culture of undue Interventions
d). Power means misuse of power
e). Institutional decay
f). Personalized and short term policies
g). Illiterate public
h). Absence of Visionary Leaders
I). Biased Media
j). Feudal Lords culture
3. Effects:
a). Weaken Institutions
b). Threaten National Integrity
c). Hinders Political Evolution
d). Hamper Economic Growth
e). Deterioration Infrastructure
f). Tarnishes Country Image
g). Low Standard Living
h). Spoiling the Future of New Generation
I). Promoting the Culture of Nepotism
j). High Taxes Low opportunities and brain drain
4. Remedies:
a). Independent Judiciary
b). Independent and Ethical Media
c). Equal dIstribution of resources
d). True spirit of Democracy
e). Deteriorationg Infrastructure
f). Tarnishes Country Image
g). Low Standard Living
h). Spoiling the Future of New Generation
i). Promoting the Culture of Nepotism
j). High Taxes Low opportunities and brain drain
k). Mature, sincere and visionary leadership
l). Feudalism should be abolished
m). Executive bodies must be ensure by evolving the
concept of caliphate
n). NAB should be empowered by judiciary to audit
even executives
o). Social evils like Corruption, Terrorism, illiteracy,
Nepotism and Poverty should be dealt by Iron hands.
p). All heads of the state like Constitutional assembly,
Judiciary,Executives and Media should be
independent and accountable.


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