Friday 14 October 2016

Inter Part 1 Islamiat Notes | F.A/FSC/ICS/ICOM Islamyat Notes

Inter Part 1 Islamyat Notes| F.A/FSC/ICS/ICOM Islamyat Notes/MCQs/Short Questions/Long Questions
In Intermediate syllabus for first part I mean the 1st year or you can say inter part 1 students got Islamiat to study and being the Muslim almost every student finds this subject easy and doesn't pay much attention and end up with low marks. No one can deny this fact that in recent year's CSS exams the 2nd subject in which most of the students failed is Islamiat after English. I know that Inter is not CSS but the reason to tell this is to make students aware about the level of the subject that how tough it can get especially for those who have planned to take part in CSS.

Below are the Inter Part 1 Islamiat Notes| F.A/FSC/ICS/ICOM Islamiat Notes/MCQs/Short Questions/Long Questions.

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