Sunday 28 August 2016

Verify your VOTE to Election Commission by SMS

Are you sure that you have vote? If not then you can sure about your vote without even visiting to nadra or union council but via your phone. Now you can verify your vote to election commission by sending sms to 8300.

    You can complete and get done with this verification process with the help of SMS. You only have to send your CNIC number of this number, 8300 and this is all, your vote will be verified and registered as well.
    The Election Commission Of Pakistan will also be sending their teams to each and every area in order to make sure that your votes have been verified and registered. If your age is 18 years and above then being a responsible citizen, it is your duty to act like a responsible citizen. It is the duty of each and every citizen to co-ordinate with the team of Election Commission Of Pakistan.
    For any of the trouble and more information, you should be making a contact with the district election commissioner.
    This process of verifying votes have already been started on 10th Aug 2016 and the last date is 29thn Aug 2016. You can check out the site of this Election Commission Of Pakistan, to get more details and information about this vote verification and vote registration process.

Do become the part of this act, you should act like a responsible citizen and make sure that you do have to register your vote. Do not make your vote a waste, try to use your vote in a productive way and manner.

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