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How to Join Pakistan Air Force (PAF) - Procedure,Apply online - Complete Guide

PAF offers opportunities to those citizens of Pakistan who can make a positive and effective contribution in the finance management, having the flair to deal with figures and details. In the interpretation of PAF law and advising on legal matters, the Legal Branch of the PAF offers cohesive and disciplined functioning. Meteorological officers monitor the vast skies, analyze the seasonal changes and forecast the weather for the efficient flying and accurate combat preparedness of the PAF.
Join Pakistan Air Force (PAF)

Depending upon requirements, Pakistan Air Force offers three types of Commission in various branches of the PAF in the Officers Cadre like Permanent Commission (PC), Special Purpose Short Service Commission (SPSSC) and Short Service Commission (SSC).

To Apply online follow this link

General Questions to apply for PAF 

If you have clear your Matric 10th class annual examination then there are two ways in front of you to join Pakistan Air Force PAF First is Through Airman Induction and second is though the Civilian Induction

Airman Induction:

Eligibility Criteria in the Airman Induction is same for all the posts below. All those candidates who are applying for these Jobs as mentioned below must have pass out the Matric level examination with atleast 60% passing marks. All the posts are for the Male candidates except the Female Nursing Assistant. Marital Status of the candidates can not effect in the selection Procedure so both Married and Unmarried candidates are encourage to apply. Age of the applying candidates should be in between the 16 years to 22 years old.
  •     Sportsmen
  •     Ground Combateers (GC)
  •     Mechanical Transport Drive
  •     Provost
  •     Aero Trades
  •     Religious Teacher
  •     Aero Technician
  •     Female Nursing Assistant
  •     Aero Support
  •     Musician

Civilian Induction:

In the Civilian Induction the number of post you can apply after Matric to join Pakistan Air Force are more and same is the eligibility Criteria for the section But some thing that are very common is the educational certificates as only you would be able to apply for these jobs if you have passed out the Matric Level examination. The age of the candidates should be in between the 20 years old to 35 years old as it changes from post to post that against what post you are going to apply for.
  •     Foreman
  •     Assistant Formen
  •     Sport Coach
  •     Religious Teachers
  •     Stenotypist
  •     Overseer (B&R)
  •     Overseer (E&M)
  •     Charge Hand
  •     Caterer
  •     Draftsman -II
  •     General Machine Operator
  •     HSM (Gen Mech)
  •     Ground Signaler Operator
  •     Draftsman
  •     Male Nurse
  •     Lower Division Clerk
  •     HS-I (Machine Operator, Print Man)
  •     HS-II (Machine Optr Compositor)
  •     HS-II (Photo Film Maker/ Developer)
  •     HS-II (Machine Optr, Print Man)
  •     Khadim-e-Masjid
  •     Store Man
  •     Lab Attendant
  •     Patwari
  •     Ferro Printer Operator
  •     Tracer
  •     Cinema Operator
  •     Photostat Machine Operator
  •     Medical Assistant
  •     Receptionist
  •     Wireless Mechanic
  •     STM (Book Binder)
  •     STM Technicians
  •     MTDs
  •     Tailor
  •     Anti Malaria Supervisor -IV

To Apply online follow this link


Visit / Call Timings: 0800 AM to 0200 PM


310, Mansehra Road, Near Ayub Medical complex, Abbottabad

: 0992-385157


10-A Extension Scheme Sattelite Town, Bahawalpur



Main Jhang Road, Near 64 Pulley Stop, Faisalabad

  : 041- 9201199


49, Salahudin Road, Hyderabad

 : 022 - 9200936


Main Shahra-e-Faisal, Near PAF Base, Faisal, Karachi

: 021 - 99240999, 34570222


14, Munir Road, Munir Chowk, (Near PAF Cinema), Lahore

  : 042 - 99220084


 Opposite Custom Office, Fazaia Road, Mianwali

  : 0459 - 350397


217, Sher Shah Road, Multan

  : 061 - 9201183


9, The Mall, Peshawar
  : 091 - 9210829


MA, Jinnah Road, Quetta

 :  081 - 9201753


3, The Mall, opposite AFIC, Rawalpindi

 : 051 - 5701143


Minara Road, opposite Govt. Islamia College,Sukkur

 : 071 - 9310409            


Near Shaheen Vocational Training Institute (Nawabshah)

: 0244 - 9370444

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