Tuesday 12 April 2016

Importance of commerce and Management Science Education

Commerce is an essential part of our economic and social system. Commerce is the most popular profession in every country. More people are employed in the commerce than in any other profession in the world. The advance technology has bought about a revolution in commerce and as a result it is now expanding swiftly .Commercial education is therefore of great importance.
The aim of commercial education is to introduce us to all sort of commercial activities like retail and wholesale import and export , banking , insurance , advertising and so on. Thus, we learn about all the requirements of modern business to do it well.
Secondly commercial education introduces us to the form of business organization. It gives as the basic skill to establish and run different kinds of firms and companies; as a result we can put our resources to the best use.
Thirdly commercial education helps us to keep our business accounts in good shape. Accountancy can help us to rise to the highest position of chartered and chief accountants. We can become manager and directors of important business.
We can compare the commercial principles and methods in the Islamic western and socialistic system. Commercial education can help us choose the best. Therefore we should promote commercial education on the most modern lines.
In Asia, the importance of Commerce and management sciences education was no fully realized at first but later on commerce classes were started in come colleges. The steep was not enough to meet the rising demands of our industries for trained men.
Therefore, independent commerce and management sciences institutes and colleges were established. Commercial subjects were introduced in the ninth and tenth classes. Now a day large number of subjects are taught in the commercial institutes and colleges to equip the student for the future requirements of their profession.

Salman Qureshi

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