Monday 18 January 2016

A level, O level Exams timetable 2016

This timetable contains a full list of all exams for the June 2016 series.

This is the final version of the timetable. Please note there may be some
changes from the provisional timetable. You can view the timetable by
week or by syllabus.
Any time for candidates to read through question papers and to study maps
etc. is already included in the total time shown in the timetable. You must
not allow any additional time.
Planning your timetable and Key Times
Exams must be taken in the morning (AM), afternoon (PM) or evening (EV)
session as shown on this timetable and in accordance with the Key Time
regulations. There is one Key Time for the morning (AM) session, one Key
Time for the afternoon (PM) session and one Key Time for the evening (EV)
session. Your Key Times can be found on the Key Times page of our website
All candidates entered for exams in a session must be under Full Centre
Supervision at the Key Time. If Centres timetable exams after the Key
Time, candidates must be kept under Full Centre Supervision from the Key
Time until the candidates start the exam. If the candidates have already
completed the exam before the Key Time, they must be kept under Full
Centre Supervision until the Key Time.
For further details about our Key Time and Full Centre Supervision
regulations please see section 4 of the Cambridge Handbook.
Communicating timetable arrangements to candidates
Centres are responsible for making sure candidates know:
The start and finish time for each exam
Any necessary supervision arrangements
Any updates to the timetable
Any updates to this timetable will be published on the timetables page
of the CIE website (, and will be shared
with you in our monthly Cambridge Exams Officer eNewsletter. Visit to find out more about this important
Visit CIE Direct ( to download your Centre’s
timetable which only includes the syllabuses you have made entries for.
Timetable clashes and deviations
Please study the final timetable and identify any potential timetable clashes.
You should wait until you have submitted your entries and received your
timetable clash report before applying for a timetable deviation. For further
details about timetable clashes and applying for a timetable deviation please
see section 1 of the Cambridge Handbook.
Where there is more than one paper in a single session
If a candidate is entered for two papers which are timetabled for the same
session they may have a fully supervised break between the two papers.
The regulations regarding Key Time and Full Centre Supervision must
be followed – for further information about these regulations please see
section 4 of the Cambridge Handbook.

 Download timetable here

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