Saturday 17 October 2015

Mitosis with Diagram in English and Urdu

If you are looking for the article on Mitosis process then you are at right place because here we have shared Mitosis with Diagram in English and Urdu

The Process of Cell Division Mitosis  with Diag


  • Nucleolus disappears
  • Chromosomes condense.
  • Mitotic spindle appears.
  • (Nuclear membrane fragments).
  • (Microtubules of spindle attach to centromere of chromosome).


  • Chromosomes align along metaphase plate.


  • Chromosomes divide, pulled by the spindle.
  • Sister chromatids move apart at about 1 ┬Ám/sec
  • Cell elongates as other microtubules push poles of cell apart.



  • Chromosomes uncoil.
  • Nucleolus reappears
  • Nuclear membrane reappears.
 this organism will have some trouble during meiosis. 

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