Thursday 15 October 2015

L' Hopital Rule | Entry Test Preparation

L' Hopital Rule | Entry Test Preparation
L'Hopital Rule with Video Tutorial. Learn Now.... How to Solve Limits of Indeterminate Forms With Examples and Practice Questions.

So, L'Hospital's Rule tells us that if we have an indeterminate form 0/0 or all we need to do is differentiate the numerator and differentiate the denominator and then take the limit. Before proceeding with examples let me address the spelling of “L'Hospital”. The more modern spelling is “L'Hôpital”.

Note These Points:

  1. Before Applying This Rule, You must check whether there is an indeterminate form or not.
  2. You May have to Differentiate Multiple times to remove or eliminate indeterminate form.
  3. Use it Only In Entry Test. Otherwise Marks will be deducted by teachers in boards.

Few Examples are Given Below To Explain This Rule.

Video Tutorial:
This Video Tutorial Will Help You To Understand This Rule Completely. 

Some Practice Questions:

Practice Questions are provided by Taleem Tutor. Try To Solve Them.

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